Welcome to my new online home

Welcome to the new claudiomarialerario.com! This will be the main channel to stay in touch with the community of travelers, photographers, customers, collectors, clients and friends who follow and support my works.

The website is designed — by the Norwegian web agency Leratech Solutions AS — as an “old fashioned” photoblog. Following Susan Sontag’s advice, we have chosen a structure that allows you to navigate across the website’s posts as if you are following the path of a great and unique story.

To tell a story is to say: this is the important story. It is to reduce the spread and simultaneity of everything to something linear, a path — Susan Sontag

Here, in addition to news and updates, I’ll share stories from the field, excerpts from my reportages and books as well as dialogues between images and words that have the intent to add fragments of beauty, change, and resilience in the eyes of the viewers.

To this end, perhaps, I could make better use of my Facebook or other social networks but I’ve never been seduced by them and I’ve never put them at the center of my relationships.

So, instead of using resources and energy to stay in someone else’s playground, I preferred to create my own one. In this way, nobody is the gatekeeper of the conversations that take place between you and me | get in touch

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