They showed us unusual kindness

As part of my “photographic mission”, I try to follow any events that promote constructive unity in these times of growing divisions among human beings. So, despite being totally agnostic on all issues related to religious faith, I followed with pleasure an event related to the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 2020.

This ecumenical celebration took place in the church of San Giuseppe al Porto in Rimini, Italy, and saw the communion between the Catholic, Orthodox and Waldensian churches. During the liturgy, there was also a touching theatrical action of the Movimento Centrale Collective.

The theme for the week of prayer was “They showed us unusual kindness” (Acts 28:2). It is based on the biblical passage describing the shipwreck of Saint Paul in Malta (Acts 27:18–28,10) and promotes reflection on Saint Paul’s journey of faith and also on the ecumenical virtue of hospitality.

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