The Marine Museum of Cesenatico

The Marine Museum of Cesenatico is a unique cultural project. It is the only maritime museum in Italy (and among the very few in the world) which, in addition to having a covered pavilion, also displays a Floating Section.

The floating section is divided into two parts. In the first, there are eleven boats complete with sails (which are hoisted daily) permanently anchored; in the second there are three boats kept fully operational to preserve the intangible heritage of ancient sailing practices.

The museum has a profound relationship with the ancient Porto Canale — designed by Leonardo da Vinci — and with the historic center of the city, characterized by the fish market and the fishermen’s houses.

In the canal harbor, you can also admire many traditional private boats whose restoration has been encouraged by the example offered by the museum and to which the Municipality has granted free mooring.

Above all, the museum is a project that benefits the entire community of Cesenatico which sees in the museum a mirror where its history and identity are reflected and kept alive.

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