Press release / Dialogo Silenzioso begins its journey at Augeo Art Space

Text by Matteo Sormani — Curated by the choreographer Claudio Gasparotto and organized by Augeo Art Space, Dialogo Silenzioso is a traveling exhibition (as well as a photo book) that, through the photographs by Claudio Maria Lerario and Elisa Amati, tells the story of the imaginary encounter between the Great Mother Africa — in this case, represented by Ethiopia — and the mother of all arts: dance.

In Dialogo Silenzioso (meaning Silent Dialogue in Italian) every creation is a dialogue, every dialogue is a test, every test is a desire to get in touch with the beauty of human splendor, to grasp it and transform it into an image, just as Claudio Maria Lerario and Elisa Amati managed to do.

Dialogo Silenzioso is far from being only a photographic exhibition; yes, it is a story to view with wonder but it is also a tale that can be read and listened to with pleasure: the photographs travel together with luminous words written by dancers, choreographers, musicians, directors, writers, poets, artists, educators, and philosophers.

These words are selected by Claudio Gasparotto, interpreted by the Movimento Centrale performers, painted by Concetta Ferrario and echoing — in various African languages ​​– in the soundscape composed by Fabio Mina. All this is enriched by the original contributions of Saba Anglana and Jean-Luc Nancy.

In Dialogo Silenzioso the imagery opened by photography, connected to the evocative power of words, is like the space opened by love: it has no limits. In this immensity, dance — like love and like the energy that comes from Ethiopia — opens unlimited spaces and becomes an art open to everyone.

Matteo Sormani – Director of Augeo Art Space

Patronages and sponsors

Dialogo Silenzioso is sponsored by Embassy of Ethiopia in Italy, Cuomo Foundation of Monaco, Emilia Romagna Region, Municipality of Rimini, University of Bologna. After the Rimini debut, Dialogo Silenzioso will become a traveling exhibition in various Italian, European and African cities.

Authors and credits

Photographs: Claudio Maria Lerario, Elisa Amati / Collaborators: Kusse K. Bekele, Seblewongel Getachew, Seppe Hendrickx, Mariela Lamela, Mattia Lerario / Visual documentation: Dorin Mihai.

Original texts: Jean-Luc Nancy, Saba Anglana, Claudio Gasparotto, Claudio Maria Lerario, Monica Tomasetti / Calligraphy: Concetta Ferrario / Performers: Movimento Centrale – Danza & Teatro / Soundscape: Fabio Mina / Design: Ayzoh! / Organization and promotion: Augeo Art Space.

Non-original texts: Sandro Penna, Gillian Hobart, Franziska Boas, Rudolf Laban, Agnes de Mille, Pina Bausch, Paul Verlaine, Isadora Duncan, Jim Morrison, Doris Humphrey, Tsunesaburo Makiguchi, Mary Wigman, Martha Graham, Ruth St. Denis, Ted Shawn, Serge Lifar, Doris Humphrey, Anna Sokolow, Samuel Beckett, Meredith Monk, Mary Anthony, Simone Forti, Salman Rushdie, Daisaku Ikeda, Miyako Yoshida, Curt Sachs, Paul Valery, Antonio Gades, Federico Garcia Lorca, Jean Genet, Antonin Artaud, William Shakespeare, Julian Beck, Pippo Delbono, Peter Brook, Kazuo Ohno, Jerzy Grotowski, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Théophile Gautier, Sant’Agostino, Louis Horst, Hanya Holm, Alighiero Boetti, Isadora Duncan, Margaret NH Doubler, Edward Gordon Craig, Carolyn Carlson, Federico Fellini, David Herbert Lawrence, Nichiren Daishonin.

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