Meet the children of LUC

These are some of the children of LUC (Let Us Change), an Ethiopian organization and community based on the principle of Ubuntu. They participated in a pinhole photography course held by Ayzoh! in Hawassa.

From the course came to life a print series and a book entirely produced by the children with cardboard cameras built by themselves. The theme of the course was to visually represent the meaning of their name. Because there’s a story behind every name.

So, through photography, they unfold the story of Yonas, Helen, Milion, Yordanos, Ruta, Nazret, Tomas. And then Towabo meaning “gift”, Alem which means “world”, Amarè, which stands for “beauty”, of Tedla which represents “joy” in the sense of a good balance between everything they could need a human life. Moreover, Alemaio, a word that could be used by a mother to make understand her son he is her greatest desire.

Then there are Muday, whose name is the family jewels holder where mothers retain the most valuable things to leave as legacy, Tinsae (resurrection), Taddesse (renewed), Meskerem, the spring when there is the awakening of the Ethiopian nature, Hanim, Lydia, Rahel, Tesfay (my hope), Biniam.

Tiedros: a name that means redemption: a poor with such a name became a warrior and then emperor in times where no one, if not the son of real, could become such. And then there’s Desta, which stands for “happiness”, and there is also Fana, which means “my guide”, the person who lights our path and that makes us see a point of light even when we are in darkness.

Let Us Change (LUC) is an Ethiopian NGO that provides shelter, psychological and medical assistance to vulnerable children in Hawassa, Ethiopia.

The LUC’s project does not stop at aid for basic needs. Besides offering children the opportunity to develop everybody’s skills by attending educational courses, they also take care of their future: older children will have the chance to attend professional workshops, built and run by LUC, where learn high valuable jobs, such as those related to design, fashion, media, and international quality tourism.

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