Lavinia & Don Carlos (testing the new Capture One)

Taking photographs at riding competitions is certainly not my specialization, in fact I had never done it before. But when my friend Lavinia invited me to follow her race I accepted with pleasure as that was a good opportunity to test, before buying it, the new version (20) of Capture One, the photo editing software which I use.

One of the areas where the new Capture One claims to be significantly improved is that of noise reduction. Due to the poor light conditions, fast action and the consequent necessity to shoot at a very high ISO, that could be a perfect situation to check it.

I confirm it to be true. As you can see, these photographs — taken with a Fuji X-T3 at 6.400 and 12.800 ISO — demonstrate how the software, already with the default settings, has done an excellent job of reducing noise to acceptable levels.

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