Dreams: David Lynch’s tribute to Federico Fellini

Rimini, Italy — For Dreams – A Tribute to Federico Fellini by David Lynch the Collective Movement Central Danza & Teatro has staged a fresco of bodies to intercept the invisible: a happening suspended in time and space where Lynch’s filmic images — pictorial, non-conformist, disturbing, perverse, sweet — were a perfect manifestation of an inimitable and unattainable way of telling.

The exhibition, created by the Fellini Foundation of Sion, was brought to Rimini, as a national preview, as part of “The Seventh Art – Cinema and Industry”, the event held from 3 to 5 May at Castel Sismondo and organized by Confindustria Romagna, Khairos Srl (Fulgor Cinema and Cinema Settebello), University of Bologna – Rimini Campus, with the collaboration of the Municipality of Rimini.

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