Curiosity is a natural friend of diversity (the story behind my logo)

As you might have noticed, I was a bit silent in the last days. I’ve been working on new projects, a major redesign of my website — with a great new logo (called “The Bold Elephant”) that best represents what I’m going to do with my work — and a full rebranding for Ayzoh!, my no-profit organization.

Why the elephant? When I embarked on creating my new logo, I decided to condense my core values into a micro graphic-story using at a full advantage the human perceptions of animal characteristics.

In this super simple story, the elephant has to overcome its fear of mice to move forward. He makes it (after all… he is bold and badass!). but soon he realizes that he wants more from this situation. So he takes a step further: now he wants to know that total stranger. This decision changes everything and represents the beginning of a completely new story where both the elephant and the mouse will move forward: together.

Because curiosity may be a natural friend to diversity. It opens the door to different points of view. It facilitates insights and understanding. It invites involvement. It allows moving over the line of conformity in this social networking age. It helps to keep alive and foster an ideal of harmony between a tenacious sense of self-determination and a strong sense of community. And this is the core ethos of what I try to do with my work.

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