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About Claudio Maria Lerario

I’m an Italian-born visual storyteller in activity since 1986. Before to embrace photography I worked as a marine illustrator and graphic designer for many international maritime museums and magazines.

As a photographer, my career started in 1992 and spans from journalism to corporate, editorial, and advertising, with images published and used in all fields, from social reportages to film, television, marine sports, and high fashion.

I’ve been working in 30+ countries and, among others, my client list includes Ricordi, Prada, Simrad, Medusa Films, Gucci, Unipol Group, AGV, Dolce & Gabbana, Mondadori, Ethiopian Airlines, Leo Burnett, Deutsche Bank, Mursia, Lufthansa, Condé Nast, Christiania Bank, EU, Greenpeace, UN, Unesco and two Royal Houses (England and Norway) as well as many NGOs, media companies, museums, and public institutions.

In 2009 I decided to change everything: I turned my back on the overcrowded world of mainstream media for focusing on what really touches my heart: to represent the concatenation and the integration of our differences across distinct conditions, cultures, beliefs, generations, and latitudes.

Despite the downsides and the (huge!) financial loss, I never regretted that decision. Today, I work mainly through a mobile studio on long-term, collaborative, and in-depth community-based projects that aspire at keeping lit the flicker of human dignity, the most powerful instrument with which to progress both on an individual and on a collective level.


I’m the co-founder of Ayzoh!, an organization made of professional photographers, video makers, designers, stylists, visual artists, writers, journalists, humanitarian operators, and educators of different cultures, origins, and opinions.

Ayzoh!‘s mission is to support the community builders: those who — in a multi-local world, made up of collective and individual identities in constant change — aim to create unity and not division, cooperation and not a competition, dialogue and not discussion, diversity and not uniformity.

We operate both in Italy and abroad, with particular attention to those communities where the protection of their cultural and social identity coexists with a conciliatory, humanitarian and open attitude.

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